International Attendees

For attendees traveling from outside of the United states, the following will help you plan your trip to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in 2024 May.

Travel Visas

All individuals who require a visa to attend Facility Fusion, please apply soon!

U.S. regulations require security checks for most visitor visas, resulting in a process that may take three months or more.

Citizens of certain countries must have an invitation in hand before they can obtain a passport from their government and apply for a U.S. entry visa.

Some consulates may have backlogs in scheduling visa interviews. Applicants should first contact the consulate to determine how long the wait is for an interview.

Letter of Invitation

All international attendees requiring a letter of invitation may email a request to Member Services at Please allow two to three business days to be issued the letter of invitation.

Requests should include:

  • Name of the individual requesting the letter</span
  • Country or location of the visa interview
  • Name and date of the event for which the visa is requested

Please note that all letters of invitation will be emailed to attendees. Letters will not be issued to the embassy or consulate where the interview will take place.

International Travel Policies

As travel policies vary with each country, international travelers are highly encouraged to research the travel restrictions to your outbound/inbound destinations.

Get important information as you consider traveling across the United States to different cities, states and national parks.

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